je vis:

Pronunciation: je vee
Definition: I Live

More than often, we are distracted by numerous obstacles in life, such as careers, relationships, financials, etc., and we forget to cherish and be grateful for the most important gift of all - life itself. And that is why we should live life to the fullest, by taking challenges, acting spontaneous, taking risks, doing what makes you laugh, and to JUST LIVE! je vis can bring alive your true inner self - be it daring, sexy, fierce, feminine, delicate, or all the above. Let this collection of dresses channel your inner beauty to yourself and to the world - perfect as you are.

je vis is a line of dresses, where all designs were created with you in mind. You - the beautiful and perfect you. The dresses are everything but bland, each design is functionable, yet comes with a sexy unique twist. Fabrics mostly hand-picked from the fashion city of Los Angeles, we bring you the latest trendsetting textiles to help accentuate your beauty. Now, treasure each piece as a full representation of yourself.